‘The Southbank exhibition triumphantly demonstrated the vitality of mid-century British design and architecture.’

Victoria + Albert Museum

The Festival of 1951

The Festival of Britain in 1951, centred on London’s Southbank, reigniting Britain’s enthusiasm for design. With rationing of materials still in place after the war, designers required ingenuity and invention. Visionaries such as Ernest Race, Gordon Russell and Robert Heritage made a virtue of the limitations, establishing a new aesthetic for furniture and interiors. British Mid-Century design continues to inspire and influence.

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The Festival of Britain emblem designed by Abram Games, from the cover of the South Bank Exhibition Guide, 1951

From the heart of the South Bank

The principles of British Mid-Century design are just as relevant today. An imaginative and efficient use of materials. Elegant and organic shapes. Human-centred, designed for ease and practicality. Embracing technology while upholding craftsmanship.


Southbank by Perrin & Rowe is a tribute to the 1951 Festival designers, adopting their ideals to create a remarkable new brassware collection. Perfectly proportioned, with meticulous detail that references iconic pieces from the period, Southbank epitomises Mid-Century Modern.

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