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Perrin & Rowe's elegant bathroom tapware and accessories are designed and manufactured in Britain to the highest standards, bringing beauty and functionality to bathrooms of any size.
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From basin taps to bath fillers and showers, our collections are suited to both traditional and contemporary spaces. Every component within every piece is precision engineered to ensure a faultless product.




Inspired by the award-winning kitchen collection, Armstrong defines a new category of industrial luxe. Engineered for modern living, the Armstrong collection is easy to install and effortless to use. Without compromise on style or finish, the collection incorporates the latest Perrin & Rowe innovative technology.

An obsession with quality

If there is a single characteristic that defines Perrin & Rowe, it is our obsession with quality. We believe that the best way to achieve the highest possible standards is to manufacture in small batches, using skilled craftsman to cast and finish each component by hand. All our brassware is cast at our foundry in the Black Country, the heartland of British heavy industry. After machining and polishing by hand, the taps are assembled, tested and packed at our headquarters in Rainham, on the edge of East London. 

About Us

Our finishes

  • Chrome is our hardest and most durable finish which has been electroplated to the brass. It is a brilliant silver with a hint of blue.


    This classic finish suits all styles of brassware and requires little day-to-day maintenance.

  • Nickel is a more delicate finish and can change over time as it reacts with its environment.


    It has been electroplated and is a shiny, polished finish like chrome, but has a warmer golden glow which can be described as a ‘champagne colour’.


    Its warm tones suit both traditional and contemporary models beautifully.

  • Pewter is brushed nickel with a matte appearance. It can react with its environment, however the finish can be restored using a Pewter pad, available from our customer services department.


    This is a lovely alternative to classic chrome if you desire a different look, but with a similar level of maintenance.

  • Our Gold electroplated products are made with real 24 carat gold and is a soft finish which should be treated like a piece of fine jewellery.


    Traditionally chosen for more classic styles of brassware, we are now seeing it in more contemporary designs where it looks beautiful.


    A real luxury touch for any brassware in the kitchen or bathroom.

  • English Bronze is a deep, rich finish created using a special coating ‘baked’ on to the surface of the brass.


    Unique and distinctive, it is our darkest finish. The bronze tones bring out the detail of the brassware.  

  • Polished Brass is raw brass and unlacquered. It is shiny and has been hand-polished. It will change as it reacts with its environment and daily use – we describe this as a ‘living finish’.

  • Satin Brass is also a raw finish and is unlacquered. It has been brushed so it has a matte appearance. It will change as it reacts with its environment and daily use – we describe this as a ‘living finish’.