We offer eight beautiful finishes across our brassware, from beautiful brass to contemporary chrome. Read below to find out which finish is right for you, or download our care and cleaning guide.


Chrome is our hardest and most durable finish which has been electroplated to the brass. It is a brilliant silver with a hint of blue; bright and highly polished. This classic, timeless finish is easy to match to other fixtures and fittings, and requires little day-to-day maintenance making. With the correct care and maintenance it will look box fresh for years to come.


Nickel is a slightly more delicate finish than chrome and can subtly change over time as it reacts with its environment. It has been electroplated and is a polished finish like chrome, but has a warmer golden glow which can be described as a ‘champagne colour’. Its elegant, warm tones suit both traditional and contemporary models beautifully in both the kitchen and bathroom.


Pewter is brushed nickel with a matte appearance. It can react with its environment over time, however the finish can be restored using a pewter pad which is available from our customer services department. Pewter is a lovely alternative to classic chrome if you desire a slightly softer, less 'shiny' look, but with a similar level of easy maintenance. It's a timeless finish that will match easily to other pewter or brushed nickel fixtures and fittings.

English Bronze

English Bronze is a deep, rich finish created using a special coating ‘baked’ on to the surface of the brass. Unique and distinctive with a soft, smooth surface, it is our darkest finish and brings out the detail of our brassware collections beautiful. Regular cleaning with a damp, lint free soft cloth will maintain its original appearance.


Our Gold electroplated products are made with real 24 carat gold. Gold is a soft finish which should be treated like a piece of fine jewellery, and gently cleaned with a damp, lint free cloth after use. This beautiful finish can look different in the light; sometimes bright and warm, often soft and elegant. Traditionally chosen for more classic styles of brassware, we are now seeing it in more contemporary designs where it looks beautiful. A real luxury touch for any brassware in the kitchen or bathroom.

Aged Brass

Aged Brass is one of our three raw finishes which are all unlacquered. It will change over time as it reacts with its environment and daily use to create a beautiful patina – we describe this as a ‘living finish’. Aged Brass will patina a little quicker than our other brass finishes, and is perfect for those who want an aged or 'vintage' look that feels truly unique. This finish is available on kitchen products only.

Polished Brass

Polished Brass is another one of our 'living' brass finishes and like Aged Brass it will change as it reacts with its environment and daily use. A hand-polished finish, Polished Brass is a brighter finish than our Aged Brass and Satin Brass finishes, and is loved by customers who want an aged or 'vintage' look that feels truly unique.

Satin Brass

Satin Brass is also a raw finish and is unlacquered. It has been brushed by hand so it has a matte appearance, but is slightly lighter than our Aged Brass finish. Particularly well suited to our more traditional collections, such as the Mayan and Ionian, our brass finishes are loved by customers who want an aged or 'vintage' look that feels truly unique.

Caring for your Perrin & Rowe tap

Caring for your Perrin & Rowe tap

We understand you want to keep your Perrin & Rowe product looking its best, so that it can be used and admired for years to come. We have a useful care and cleaning guide available to download as well as information on how to care for and treat our unlacquered brass finishes.